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Funke  UHF HD  Outdoor / Indoor Terrestrial Antenna
This aerial will certainly replace your old fashioned oversized UHF (48 Element) aerial and it's more powerful. Placed outdoors will pick up Freeview HD Terrestrial  Service in High Quality


Outdoor Application 
35 dB Gain
Stylish DesignAmplifier gain: 14 db
Noise figure: 1.3 db
Connector: F (female)

power supply:
+5 V ± 0.5 V / 60 mA

Waterproof (IP55)
Dimensions: 122 x 190 x 18 mm
( Kit exculdes mounting pole RG6cable)

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"new Product" High Quality
Draco ANT300 FreeTV HD Terrestrial Indoor Antenna
DRACO ANT 300 is one of the Most Powerful Indoor Aerial, suitable for UHF Digital Terrestrial.

ANT 300 is designed for the digital off-air signal. With state-of-art low noise amplifier and matching network technologies, it will provide the best reception. With 2 powering methods, user can powering the antenna via Digital Set Top Box or Power adaptor, make it easy for the installation. There are specialized mechanical design, this antenna can be installed horizontally or vertically.


*Compact Size, Stylish design in black
*Horizontal and Vertical Installation
*Convenient Powering
UHF/VHF band
*Low noise amplifier technology
*20±3dB Gain
*Support coaxial cable powering

Comes complete with all accessories incl. power supply.

***panel size is 238mm x 138mm x 25mm ***

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