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Moteck SG9120 Dish Mover
The Moteck Dish Motor Automatically Shifts  the Dish from Satellite to Satellite According to the channels you have programmed into your Satellite Receiver.

After the Moteck has been aligned you will be able to watch programs
on All KU Band Satellites that your Dish size can receive.

With the Moteck and unhindered view you will be able to watch with One Dish the following Satellites over
New Zealand that your size dish can receive:  OPTUS D1  OPTUS D2 /
OPTUS C1 /D3  INTELSAT 18 / INTELSAT 19 / ASIASAT 4 /  Eutelsat 172A  172°E.

* Special Design for your Satellite Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3  ( USALS )
* Only One Coaxial Cable Control
* Go To X Function
* High Efficiency
* Compact Structure
* Ultra Low Noise
* Adjustable Hardware Limits
* Easy Installation with Led Indicator
* Manual East / West Button
* For Dish Size Up To 1.2m
* Azimuth Angle 75 east - 75 West ( 150 ) Adjustable

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